The conversational approach

The conversational approach


A method designed for speaking

On Ayni, communication is at the heart of our pedagogy. From the very first hours of your apprenticeship, you put your knowledge into practice with another person. By using this knowledge, you will be able to memorize it for the long term.


Who is Ayni for?

Every learner! Whatever your level or the language you are learning, the conversational approach is essential. This is very complementary to theoretical language learning (grammar courses, vocabulary, etc.).

What students say about it

The conversational method is one of the learners' favourite methods. And the benefits are not only linguistic: it boost self-confidence, speaking fluency, intercultural understanding...


“It's just crazy. I finally gained enough self-confidence to be autonomous in English. The conversations in French are really helpful.”

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“In one hour of conversation, I've made more progress than in ten hours of class on the college benches!”

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A proven method since 2015

Teachers, researchers, universities, businesses and learners have adopted the conversational method.

8 linguists professors

From the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam), the Sorbonne University and Paris-Saclay University.

3 prizes

  • Positive Innovation Prize - Hewlett Packard Entreprise, 2015, Europe
  • Innovative Company Prize - INES Competition, 2018, France
  • Innovation Award - Hackathon of Education, 2015 France

6,000 students

In more than 40 countries and 12 languages.