can become

can become

👩‍🎓 What's the secret of polyglots on Ayni? 👨‍🎓

They learn by speaking within a network of language learners, by following our free and tailored coaching, and by immersing themselves in the language with gifts from our partners.

Start the speaking approach

Hands-on learning give better results than getting sucked into perfection of grammar. Practice and collaborate with a nice language partner weekly on Ayni’s collaborative platform.

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We support you from the start

Since learning a new language is not an innate skill, we guide you throughout your learning process.
From your first words to your first speech, we'll be there.

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The live the language immersion

Language learning is not just about neurons. It is also about heartbeats.
Grant yourself the full language learning experience by rewarding yourself with exclusive rewards.

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