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Improve your speaking skills quickly with a language partner

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With Ayni, you'll speak in a foreign language with other language learners, totally immersed into an international community

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Select the language you're learning and discover your level

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Schedule your meeting in just 3 clicks with a like-minded language partner

meet a penpal

Progress together through unlimited conversation by video call

Two types of buddies

Depending on your level and your goals, choose the language partner that suits you


language exchange

Improve your speaking level with a native language partner, free discuss and correct each other

Cultural discover Native accent


joint practice

Improve your oral level with a buddy who's learning the same language as you, discuss from news article, videos, music

Mutual learning Motivation
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Discover your language level

In just 2 minutes, test your speaking skills in foreign language.

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What if your efforts were rewarded?

Earn points for each conversation, try out new challenges and win unique gifts!

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