Learn French through conversation

Learn French through conversation

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You have already tried several applications, courses, etc. but the results are not there. You're losing motivation, and you don't know where to start. You are beginning to think that language learning is not for you. Don't worry, we have the solution!


Explore our three learning options

Choose one, two, or all of our three solutions, depending on your needs.

A platform to practice

The Ayni platform allows you to communicate in a foreign language with another learner, by video, whether he or she is near you, or at the other side of the world. No chat, but real conversations!

Our experts to coach you

Our teaching experts will work with you to design a personalized program tailored to your level and needs. They will help you throughout your learning and ensure your progress.

Our workshops to immerse you

Endless grammar classes are over. Experience our conversational workshops, blending practice with theory. Within a few hours, your oral fluency will increase tenfold and your theoretical knowledge will be enhanced.